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Stephen and Denise Walsh

Limerick couple Stephen and Denise Walsh got engaged two months after their first date in October 2006.

But interior designer Denise reveals how 'The One' was almost 'the one who got away'.

"Back when I was in college, I worked part-time in a record store that Stephen sold imported vinyl to," recalls mum-of-one Denise (40).

"With his Indiana Jones-style fedora and cheeky grin, he definitely caught my eye -- but I had a boyfriend at the time so I tried not to notice him too much!

"Later, after moving to New York and getting engaged, I would often think of Stephen and wonder, 'What if?'

"Ten years later when I returned to Ireland [single], we bumped into each other socially," she says. "And it didn't take long for us to set out our stall.

"We had our first date in October, he proposed on St Stephen's Day and we got married the following year!

"Even though I had a major crush on Denise, I thought she was beyond reach because she was living in the States engaged to someone else," says Stephen (42), who runs his own software services firm.

"Once we were reaquainted though, I couldn't believe my luck -- it just felt right.

"We wanted to get on with things -- and even happily discovered that Denise was expecting our daughter Bess on our honeymoon!

"Our family and friends were completely supportive of our quick ascent as a couple," adds Denise. "Just like us, they realised that it was destiny."

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