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Stand By Me: Do you go it alone?


Joanne Barry

Joanne Barry

Joanne Barry

Joanne Barry (right) runs Leinster Park Montessori, leinsterpark.ie A mother of two, her husband also works full-time.

"The reason I opened the school was down to my love of teaching and the Montessori Method itself, but I had very little background in the business side of things.

"My husband is the business head. His marketing and book-keeping skills come in useful. That said, he wouldn't have a clue in the day-to-day running of the school.

"He totally supports me in my business, but wouldn't be able to run it single-handedly."

Rebecca Bourke (below) is co-owner of production company Assembly, assembly.ie. She also manages band The Gorgeous Colours.

"Every person stands alone, whether they have a good man or woman in their life or not.

"There are people who provide us with support along the way but, at the end of the day, it's a solo run that we're all on."

Rebecca O'Flanagan (right) is a producer at Treasure Entertainment, the company behind Irish feature films such as 'Good Vibrations'. She works alongside her partner, Rob Walpole.

"I think it is especially important that, as a woman, you can stand on your own and be independent in thought and spirit; know your strengths and rely on them. And I think of myself as being quite independent.

"That said, I do have a very supportive partner and that helps.

"He doesn't stand behind me, though. He's alongside – a much nicer place to be."

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