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Say it from the heart: Six DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas


Fancy dinners, chocolates and flowers might be the typical gifts of Valentine's Day, but if you really want to make an impression - make it personal.

Stylist Courtney Smith is no stranger to long and hectic work days, hence her delight when she was surprised with a poignant and heartfelt gift from a loved one.

“The most thoughtful and special gift I ever received.... Time and love spent is so much more impressive than expensive gifts! #peptalk #littlenotes #special #gifts #love,” the Xposé regular shared.



“DIY is the best way to do presents,” Courtney told Independent Style, which got us thinking - is the best way forward for a unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift to get reaquainted with old-school arts and crafts.

Put down your credit card and take inspiration from these six gift ideas.

1. Love Jar

Remember the Dublin-based romantic who went viral for their ‘love jar’?

Known only as TheOnlyOne87, the hopeless romantic left 365 colour coded notes inside a glass vessel for their partner. (Yellow notes were for “moments and memories,” green for “quotes & lyrics” and pink for “reasons I love you.”)

Video of the Day



2. ‘Cheap Date’ Coupons

Between rent, bills and living expenses, many young couples are financially strapped resulting in the idea of ‘date nights’ getting put on the back burner.

This cheerful idea caught our eye - fill a box or jar with ‘cheap date ideas’ such as a Netflix movie marathon, ‘IOU’ vouchers, route for a scenic hike trail, etc.

3. Cute Collage

Revisiting our favourite primary school activity - creating collages. Gather memos, photos, reminders of old dates, souvenirs and get busy with the Pritt Stick.



4. Sweet Treats

For the chocaholic in your life, try spelling out a note using only their favourite candy.



5. Post-Its From The Heart

Write lots of compliments or reasons you love them on single Post-Its and place them all to form the shape of a big heart.



6. Blow Them Away

Write personalised love notes, memories or jokes and put them into a balloon. Blow up the balloons and store them all in a box for a surprise that’ll leave a smile on their face.



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