Friday 15 December 2017

Reaction: 'Calm down, we have no desire to take your husbands'

I was invited to lunch by a company that wanted to hire me, and asked if my wife could join. Besides my wife and me, the party consisted of the lady who wanted to hire me plus three people with whom I'd potentially be working. The lady in question (30+, I was 50 at the time) made it quite clear she wanted more than to hire me. She spent most of the meal leaning on my arm and whispering in my ear, ignoring everyone else. Being a polite gentleman, I couldn't exactly stop her, though when she made a move to put a hand on my thigh, I did move and she thought better of the idea. Of course, I didn't take the job.

-- George 157389

A far more common problem in fact is unattractive husbands making unwanted sexual advances to their wife's friends, assuming that if they are single they must be desperate for a shag. And the state some of these men are in, they'd certainly have to be. Married men have been behaving in this way for many years, yet Lloyd makes no comment on this, nor on the obvious issue that anyone committing adultery is a willing party.

-- sam_milton

A single female friend and I are sick of married men coming on to us and wives giving us the evil eye. We have reached the point where we are considering carrying placards at social gatherings which read: "Calm down, we have no desire to have anything to do with your boorish husbands, please keep them away from us".

-- ally_moon

If I like someone and find out they're married, I immediately unlike them. I can't believe I'm in the minority. Katharine Lloyd's piece is deeply insulting to those of us who relish our independence, love our friends and who try to live by a decent moral code.

-- redchicken

I think it works both ways. I've had all kinds of ridiculous offers myself including the out and out, "if you ever get divorced, lemme know". I do not see it as a major tribute to me, but merely proof that people are sick of the weather, sick of being skint and desperate to cheer themselves up with whatever bit of skirt (or shirt) happens to come their way.

-- seebee1

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