Sunday 25 February 2018

People reveal the heartbreaking reasons their proposal was rejected

Man with engagement ring proposing marriage to woman
Man with engagement ring proposing marriage to woman
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Proposing is one of the biggest moments in anyone's life.

Getting down on bended knee might seem all roses and champagne, but sometimes in ends in tears...and not the good kind.

People took to Reddit to share their rejected proposal stories - some heartbreaking and others kind of hilarious.

MaintenanceGuy wrote about mending his broken heart when his long-term girlfriend flat out rejected his proposal.

"After a Christmas vacation we were home and I asked her about marriage. 'I don't want to marry you. I never wanted to marry you. I never will marry you.' Followed by a thirty minute speech about missing her single life," he explained.

"I died a little inside, honestly. Tried to make it work but I realize now I stopped trying after that. Eight months later she moves out. Three months after that she is begging me to take her back, she wants to get married, she wants to own a house. And I'm just too hurt to believe her."

In some cases, it was just too much, too soon (and too young).

MiloMolly said her boyfriend of one month popped the question after just a month of dating when they were 22.

"After 4 weeks of dating he got down on his knee with a HUGE diamond ring and said a huge speech along the lines of 'when you know you know. Will you marry me?," she wrote.

"Since I barely knew the guy I flat out said no followed by sorry...are you okay?'

"He didn't speak to me for the rest of the night and then when he dropped me home I told my roomate about it. As i was telling her about it i get a text from him - YES A TEXT - saying 'you've broken my heart. I never want to see you again. Goodbye. I love you.'"

And one user was a witness to one of the most awkward proposals ever.

"Didn't happen to me but a few months ago I was walking through a park when a guy stopped me, handed me his phone and asked if I'd take a picture of him and his girlfriend," VanBede wrote.

"Cool, no problem. I ask where he wants to stand and what he wants in the picture. He ignores me and locks eyes with his girlfriend and reaches into his pocket as he drops to a knee. So I put it in video mode and record the whole thing.

"He makes his proposal. She starts crying. Then she blurts out 'I f**ked Lenny!'

"Dude's face just twists into rage as they then begin to fight over this latest admission that she apparently slept with a friend of his and chose this moment to come clean. I just recorded most of it before setting the phone on a bench and leaving."

Some rejections aren't meant to be hurtful, one man reflected on losing his late girlfriend who turned down his proposal to prevent him from learning about her cancer eight years ago.

"After dating for 3 years, I finally popped the question. I had set up a normal night in, ordered a pizza and had a nice little night in. We had a cat, Triumph, a nice little apartment, the whole shebang. I had tied a little pillow with the ring onto Tri and sat her in the other room while my lady was in the bathroom. When she got back, I called for the cat and she came in, pillow and all on her back," he explained.

"I proposed and she burst into tears, saying she was sorry and ran out of the apartment. I tried desperately to reach her, through family, friends, any way imaginable. I finally heard back from her sister after 3 days. Her entire family knew and I was apparently, I was the only person out of the loop. She was diagnosed with a very aggressive terminal brain cancer, just 3 days prior to me proposing.

"I know now that she kept it from me to try and save me the grief of losing her. But there's nothing in the world I wouldn't give to go back in time. Just to hear her say 'Yes.'"

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