Saturday 20 July 2019

Pamela's guide to the post-romantic age

The Semi-Happy Marriage

A sort of low-conflict marriage that can't decide if it should stay or go; if it is miserable or just realistic.

The Oreo Marriage

This is traditional on the outside and secretly transgressive on the inside. The marriage next door may be stranger than you think.


What a wife in a semi-happy marriage to a Great Guy tends to get called behind her back if she talks to her friends about her restlessness, discontent and yearning.

Avatar Lover

A participant in a mental affair which occurs entirely online. Typically, the "lovers" never meet or touch. They commune by email, chat, texting or webcam.

Actual consummation and physical contact is now an optional part of the extramarital affair.

Mr Right Here or McHusband

The ideal husband for those who believe in marrying a good-enough guy.

Sometimes this belief is premised on the idea that men are idiots, so just pick one and marry him, or on the premise that all men really require from marriage is sex and a sandwich, and all women really need is help with the plumbing, garbage and computer problems.

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