Friday 15 December 2017

Oul fellas show libido is ageless

Sarah Caden

THEY say you're only as young as you feel and, last week, men who could be dismissed as oul fellas were proof of this. Dismiss them at your peril -- the young may always believe that their generation invented sex, but these lads aren't buying it.

Last Sunday, after his horse proved a winner, horse trainer Peter Carey, told RTE's Tracy Piggott that he wasn't just pleased with the victory, but the fact that he was going to "have f***ing sex tonight and everything". His wife, on RTE Radio the following morning, was unbothered by his outburst, reassuring listeners that she was used to him and his carry-on. Long used to it, and no sign of it fading, it seems.

Meanwhile, in movie-star land, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were nuzzling and nibbling each other on the Golden Globes red carpet like a pair of teenagers. Who knew that was allowed after a certain point? When the father-of-six Pitt was a fledgling heart-throb, there was a time limit to that lark and once a man settled down and got a grown-up life, the babe- magnet baton was passed to a younger buck. But then, if the mammy of the same six kids can have a body full of tattoos, then it could be that no usual standards apply. Tattoos and kissing with tongues? Kids' stuff, once upon a time.

But if David Beckham, at almost 37, can be voted "Sexiest Man on the Planet" by the readers of Heat magazine, who aren't exactly a mature demographic, then, hell, there's hope that all of us can

convince others that age is just a number compared with how young we feel. Of course, the actually young might disagree, but I doubt they'd argue in person with any of our gamey oul fellas.

Sarah Caden

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