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Online dating: How to get results


Keep your messages short and sweet.

Keep your messages short and sweet.

Keep your messages short and sweet.

So to make sure you get the most from your time on Independent Singles we’ve put together a few essential tips.

Many people think online dating is a fail-proof, fast-track way to finding the person of your dreams. Put your profile up, sit back and wait to be inundated with messages from hundreds of attractive singles. However, it really is no different to any other conventional way of meeting a new partner in that it requires time, effort and attention.

Get your profile ‘write’

Firstly make sure you actually have a written profile and secondly make sure if reflects the real you. The more quirky things you mention in your profile, the easier it will be for someone to write you an introductory email, because you've given them something to ask about.

Independent Singles top tip: Ask a friend to help. They will find it easier to say what’s so great about you and why anyone would be lucky to get to know you.

Be proactive

Familiar with the phrase ‘You get out what you put in’? Well it’s never been truer for online dating. Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you’re profile alone is enough to get people flocking. Don’t get me wrong, some will but they will more than likely be the people you’re not interested in. So if anyone catches your eye, get in there and tell them with an email that stands out from the rest.

Independent Singles top tip: Reference something from their profile, its shows you've read it.

Be positive

If you go into online dating feeling ashamed of embarrassed like it’s your last resort people will pick up on your negative vibes. Don't write 'you're not sure why you're here' or ‘you're new to this online dating thing', because firstly it’s boring and secondly it’s unattractive. Remember, people are drawn to positive people so drop the negativity.

Independent Singles top tip: Be confident and smile, because when you smile you automatically have a positive attitude.

Be polite

Sometimes you will receive messages from people you’re really not interested in, it’s all part of the dating game. Just remember that like you, they are trying to find a suitable match. So don’t ignore them or be rude just send a simple thanks but no thanks. They will appreciate your honesty and ultimately continue with their search. If the shoe was the on the other foot you’d probably appreciate the same.

Independent Singles top tip: Keep your message short and sweet and wish them luck in their continued search.

Go offline

Remember that the whole idea of online dating is that eventually you do actually leave your computer and meet people. Enjoy the emailing, but don't let it go on for weeks and weeks without meeting up. You need to make sure that the spark is not just in your imagination and that your online romance can stand the test of real life chemistry. So if you like someone and you’re confident you get on, ask them if they want to meet up.

Independent Singles top tip: Be safe! Always tell someone who you are meeting and where you are going.


It’s unlikely you’ll find success over night even if you do do everything by the book. Dating is a process which takes time whether that’s on or offline.

Why not try putting these tips to good use on Independent Singles today to make sure you get the most out of online dating.