Saturday 17 March 2018

One in five newlyweds admit having regrets

Newlyweds may not be living happily ever after, with one in five admitting they had some regrets about getting married within the first year of their big day, a survey suggested today.

The poll found 20% of 16 to 54-year-olds looking back at the first 12 months of their marriage felt they had the occasional regret or many regrets.

Nearly one in five (17%) revealed their first year of marriage was more difficult than expected.

Almost half (47%) of divorcees quizzed admitted they had regrets about their union within the first 12 months of married life.

Asked why they felt regret, 27% of respondents claimed it was due to the fact they "got married because they felt they had to".

Men experienced this pressured feeling more, according to the poll, with more than two in five (43%) regretful husbands admitting they felt marriage was something they had to do.

Another 27% of those who had regrets said the regrets stemmed from the feeling they "married without really being love".

Almost half of divorcees (48%) who had regrets in the first year said it stemmed from the belief that they got "married without really being in love".

The survey of 1,055 people was conducted in June by Ipsos Mori to coincide with Channel 4's Cutting Edge documentary Newlyweds: The One-Year Itch looking at the reality of modern-day married life.

Approximately 443 of respondents had been married for more than a year or divorced, with 418 happy to answer further questions. 44 of those questioned in more detail were divorced.

The documentary, to be aired at 9pm on Wednesday, followed the fortunes of 50 couples who married last year and revisited six of those couples a year later.

From the original 50, 29 of the marriages were the couple's first, while for 21 couples at least one partner had been married before.

All the couples were still together, with two temporarily separating during the first year, producing a total of 15 babies.

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