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New Irish online sex shop opens - with a Christmas offer


SexSiopa.ie is about to surrender it's Irish monopoly with the launch of a new Irish online sex shop.

Sexy.ie launched today - with a Christmas offer.

Using the code, customers can get a seasonal discount of 10% off with a Christmas code.

The new shop will battle it out with SexSiopa.ie as the second online sex shop for a country who only legalised condoms in the eighties.

SexSiopa.ie was previously the leading Irish online sex shop and the only sex shop in Ireland to promise 'body safe' toys while Sexy.ie are now offering 'skin safe' sex toys.

Sexy.ie promises the 'best prices' in Ireland - we sense a sex shop war on the horizon!

SexSiopa.ie are teaming up with popular Dublin nail salon Tropical Popical for a one-day pop-up shop offering advice and free manicures. You can join the event here.

SexSiopa.ie were shortlisted in the 2014 Best eCommerce awards at the Digital Awards, having won the award in 2013.

You can follow Sexy.ie on Twitter here and SexSiopa.ie on Twitter here.

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