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Most regret office romance

Almost six out of ten workers have regretted having an office romance, a new survey revealed.

Research released by the employment law consultancy, Peninsula Ireland, for Valentine's Day, revealed there isn't a fairytale ending for the majority of office based romances.

A survey also showed up to 93pc of people have admitted to having a secret crush on a colleague.

However 22pc of office romances end up with employees getting married.

Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, said when office romances go bad they can prove a real mess.

"When employees' personal relationships come to an end they can have a majority adverse affect on working relations and also workplace harmony when other employees start taking sides," said Mr Price.

"You can't just delete the ex-partner from your phone contacts and move on, you still have to work with the person and at times this can prove difficult for employees and can affect performance.

"On a more positive note, it is not uncommon for these office romances to flourish into love, with wedding bells more common than ever between fellow employees."

A total of 974 employees from a wide variety of industries were quizzed for the survey via telephone and in person between January 14 to February 8.

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