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Sunday 22 September 2019

'Knowing that he's in presence of perfect naked women makes me feel really sad' - Are strippers acceptable stag do entertainment?

Are strippers acceptable stag do entertainment?
Are strippers acceptable stag do entertainment?

Rachel Hosie

For many women, the prospect of their husband or boyfriend attending a stag do with strippers causes something of a dilemma.

Some consider it an absolute no-no, whereas others aren’t fussed - after all, male strippers at hen parties do occur too.

Female strippers, however, are a more common occurrence, and many people argue that men paying for them to put on a show or serve them is degrading to women, reducing us to sexual objects with the sole function of pleasing men.

Certain women believe their partner seeing strippers is disrespectful and feels almost like cheating. 

One pregnant woman, Sheila, wrote on Mumsnet about how upset she was to find out her husband had been on a stag do with strippers, and then regretted having already allowed him to go on another one.

“It's a lot for me to be completely on my own with the [children] for four days whilst heavily pregnant, but knowing that he's going to be in presence of perfect naked women is just making me feel really sad. I sat in the bath this evening and just sobbed,” she said.

And the majority of women were sympathetic, saying they weren’t surprised she was cried.

They called for the husband to make it up to Sheila - one called him “a sleazy woman-hating creep” and some even said she should leave him.

Whilst some women understand the allure of a stripper, whether for men or themselves, some simply don’t understand: “I can't get my head around why a man would want to celebrate his upcoming marriage by interacting with naked women, who are there purely for sexual titillation,” explained one.

After discovering that their male friends engage with strippers, some women see a whole new side to the men: “It made me think you can't trust any man, even the ones who seem nice and like they really love their partners,” one woman explained.

However some people argue that when paying for strippers, men are the real chumps who are being fooled - it’s their cash with which they’re parting, after all.

And some women don’t think strippers are a problem at all: “Watching strippers is not necessarily detrimental to your relationship,” one woman wrote, adding that it’s not worth getting upset over.

Others have no issue with men enjoying strippers as they themselves employ butlers in the buff or strippers of their own.

One woman explained why she wasn't worried by strippers, writing: “These girls are making money out of what god gave them and why would they have the slightest interest in your partner? It's not like the men there haven't seen boobs before.”

So whilst the employment of strippers is ever-divisive, perhaps that’s a point worth remembering.

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