Friday 15 November 2019

It's not you, it's Tinder - New study reveals dating apps are rubbish at predicting romantic matches

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Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A new study has revealed that dating apps are basically useless at predicting romantic matches.

You might have more success doing things the old-fashioned way and throwing yourself at random objects of your affection in a bar.

That's not a conclusion of the study, but simply our take on things.

The actual study in the Journal of Psychologist Science concluded that even the best algorithms fall sadly short when predicting a romantic match.

Participants in the study answered more than 100 questions about their personality and what they like in a partner. 

They then had a series of four minute speed dates with members of the opposite sex and graded their level of interest in and sexual attraction to each date.

The researchers also used the algorithm to predict how each of those pairings would fare romantically.

The algorithm failed.  Despite having all the information from the 100 questions for each candidate it failed to predict attraction.

The only accurate prediction of attraction was from the people themselves after the dates, which brings us back to our own conclusion - you're better off chucking yourself at strangers in a bar.

However, dating apps are not completely useless. 

While they might not help you find The One Mr or Mrs Right, they'll help you narrow down the playing field by helping you weed out the people who have different relationship coals or political views, for example.

Find potential partners on the app but maybe meet sooner rather than later to gauge that all important attraction factor.

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