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It turns out, having more sex doesn't make you happier after all


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The age old myth that frequent sex makes you a happier person has been disproven.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University sought to disband the idea that the more sex you, the happier you are - in contrast to decades worth of research.

One study said that increasing the amount of sex you have from once a month to once a week would give the same feeling of elation as winning $50,000.

But George Leowenstein, professor of economics and psychology at the university, investigated whether sex or happiness was the cause or the effect and researched the influence of outside factors which might be contributing to a boost in mood.

“Although it seems plausible that sex could have beneficial effects on happiness, it is equally plausible that happiness affects sex...or that some third variable, such as health, affects both," the paper says.

In order to reach their findings, the research team recruited 64 heterosexual married couples who had regular sex - asking one to increase the number of times they have sex per week and the others to change nothing.

Volunteers were aged between 35 and 65.

“Contrary to what one would expect if the causal story running from sexual frequency to happiness were true; we observed a weak negative impact of inducing people to have more sex on mood," the paper concludes.

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