Thursday 14 December 2017

'I was bored' - People reveal the real reasons why they cheated

A police officer cut the power supply to the billboard after the sexually explicit film had run for five minutes
A police officer cut the power supply to the billboard after the sexually explicit film had run for five minutes

Kashmira Gander

Boredom, abuse and being “young and stupid”.

These are among the excuses that cheaters have revealed for two-timing their partners.

The question “people who cheated on their SO, what was your logic?” on the AskReddit forum recently sparked almost 2,000 responses, as those who have been unfaithful laid bare their reasoning. 

Studies show that almost 60 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women will cheat during their marriage, and that almost one in three couples will be affected by an affair.

The results prove that relationships are very complex and it can be difficult to judge those who stray away.

“No logic here,” said a user who had the top-voted comment.

“I was 17 there was a girl naked on a bed that said "come f*** me". So I did. Wasn't right, but wasn't thinking either.”

“I was horny”, wrote Loganbad101 in an equally bold post.

Another user, SombraBlanca, wrote he and his partner had been “slowly falling out of love” and had become like “roommates” who occasionally had sex.

He then confided in a colleague at work, and “a few more weeks of shameless flirting” led to “an incredible night in a hotel room.”

“It felt awful imagining my girlfriend's face but at that point the path ahead was crystal clear, we broke up the next day and I never told her what happened. The co-worker and I continued to date off and on for two years,” he said.

Titsmacintosh said her 16-year-long marriage broke down because her husband would not have sex with her but would masturbate to pornography.

“Every 10 to 12 months he would give in and we would have sex. Other than these times there was no physical touching. No hugs. No kisses, no hand holding. I was starving.”

After a tense confrontation, he told her to find a boyfriend but warned her no one else would want her.

“So, I did. It taught me some really valuable lessons, and gave me the courage to leave this sexually, financially and physically abusive marriage.”

“Should I have cheated? No. But one partner does not get to totally dictate the couple's sex life. I was scared and hurt and broken,” she added.

Lunanublado meanwhile revealed that she moved in with and married her high school sweetheart because “that’s what you do”.

But she began to question why she was with a man who was “so different than me in every way - cleanliness, attitude towards finances, politics, acceptance of other cultures, ways of showing affection?"

She then became close with a co-worker. After drunkenly admitting that they had crushes on each other, attempts to stay friends failed when her husband moved 200 miles away for a job.

“I do regret having cheated,” she wrote. “it tears me apart because I know I'm capable of doing such an awful thing.

"But I simply remind myself that everyone f**** up sometimes, and people are capable of changing.”

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