Saturday 17 March 2018

'I think most girls can tell when a guy means it'

Lisa Cannon

Presenter on TV3's Xposé

"Irish guys are not the worst in the world when it comes to giving you compliments, although that might sound a bit back-handed!

"I think the worst one you will hear is, 'Ah sure you look grand!' What is that supposed to mean? It's basically telling you that you look fine; you'll do; you're not the worst-looking girl out there. That's the one that will drive me insane!

"But I think if a guy is sincere, it doesn't really matter if he is not giving you the smoothest compliment you have ever heard. I think most girls can tell when a guy means it and that's what's most important.

"And my favourite compliment is for somebody to say, 'You look happy!' That's a great thing to say to somebody because it covers everything. If somebody is told that they look happy, and that is how other people see them, it gives them a great boost."

Irish Independent

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