Friday 23 March 2018

'I knew instantly that John was The One'

Nurse Lizzie Jeffery from Kells, Co Meath, confesses she was on the rebound when she bumped into her Mr Right, policeman John.

Nine years later, they are married with two sons -- proof that a rebound fling can become true love.

"Before I met John, I had a boyfriend who proposed," recalls Lizzie (28), "but being young, I didn't really take the engagement as seriously as he did."

"Then I moved to London in 2001. Deep down, I knew as soon as I experienced that freedom that the relationship was ultimately doomed.

The following Christmas, I bit the bullet and broke it off with my fiancé."

Engaged as a teenager, newly single Lizzie planned to let her hair down in her 20s.

But Cupid clearly had other ideas. On her first foray back into the dating game, the meddling deity of desire took aim -- and she hasn't been single since.

"After tasting the single life again, I planned to be on my own for a while," says mum Lizzie, who now lives in Bedfordshire with her hubby.

"Slowly but surely, my friends encouraged me to start going out socialising again.

"The first date I had after breaking up with my ex was with John. But I wasn't really looking for romance. I even said to my friend before I went out the door that it was just a bit of fun and nothing more."

From heartbreak to butterflies in eight weeks, however, smitten Lizzie reveals she couldn't stop herself from falling for the handsome cop (33).

"We had a great first date," she adds. "Before I got in the cab, he kissed me goodnight and my stomach just jumped. On the way home, I was gobsmacked at how I felt.

"I knew instantly that John was The One. Later, I found out he felt the same way."

Lizzie also tells how she rewrote her romantic history.

"I wasn't really sure what I wanted in a new relationship," she tells.

"But subconsciously, I think I partly fell for John because he is the total opposite to my ex.

"My friends and family joked about me being on the rebound, but once they met John they knew that he was totally right for me.

"From the very beginning, I felt so relaxed in his company -- I never saw him as just another rebound guy."

"I love him to bits," she gushes. "Even now when I see him with our two sons Steven (5) and Kyle (4) I still get butterflies."

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