Monday 20 November 2017

Here's the quality women find most attractive in men - and it's not looks

A happy couple
A happy couple
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A new study has found that when women are choosing a partner they prefer a man who is altruistic rather than good looking.

Researchers showed women photos of men of varying levels of attractiveness with descriptions of how those men would behave in certain situations.

One description, for example, stated whether or not that man would buy a sandwich for a homeless person.

The scientists found in their study of 202 heterosexual women that they preferred altruistic - or selfless - men, particularly in long term relationships.

Physical attractiveness also came into play. A man who was both attractive and altruistic was more desirable than a man who possessed just one of those traits.

Within long term relationships, however, being altruistic made low attractive men more desirable and men who were just altruistic were rated more desirable than men who were just good looking.

So, at least for women in long term relationships, altruism trumps good looks.

It was a little different for short-term relationships as women ranked good-looking less altruistic men slightly higher than unattractive altruistic men.

The study concluded, “These findings make a substantial contribution to our understanding of the role of altruistic behavior in human mate choice by including the previously unexplored additional variables of physical attractiveness.”

The study was published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal.

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