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Tuesday 25 June 2019

Four things you didn't know about Irish swingers

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Curious about the Irish people who partake in swinging events such as 'Afternoon Delights Premium Parties'? Here's what we found out.

Tom Hogan, who organises the saucy meet ups every Saturday for over 30s, revealed some interesting facts to The Irish Sun.

Love is in the air
Love is in the air

He describes his events as less "in your face" than swingers club nights, and more as an introduction to the lifestyle.

Hogan recently established adult dating website - Ireland's first 'no strings attached' site.

"Some people have higher sex drives than others," he divulged. "Everyone involved in what we do is a consenting adult and is doing what they want to do, so nobody should have a problem with how they live their lives."

For his day-time events and parties, Tom uses various penthouse suites in hotels and other discreet locations in rotation so as to avoid "moral objections" from neighbours and residents.

Sex through the decades
Sex through the decades

Here are five facts about Irish swingers that he reveals.

1. Humour is cited as the top requirement for choosing swing partners, according to 73pc of Irish people.

2. 27 percent of Irish people were introduced to swinging in a hotel - whereas most European swingers have their first experience in a club.

3. Irish swingers are more likely to hook up online.

4. Irish swingers are usually aged around 40, while Spanish and Belgian swingers are typically in their 20s.

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