Wednesday 24 January 2018

Fonda and Fido share a bath

Julia Molony

THE secret to what keeps Jane Fonda looking so good for her age is out. It's not the testosterone jabs, or the active sex life that she's been espousing as the secret to maintaining a glowing complexion and lithe form after one has reached 70.

Her most outre beauty practice it seems, albeit an accidental one, is bathing in the ashes of her deceased dog. "One evening," quoth the bombshell to the Daily Express, with a lovely sense of dramatic timing, "when I came home from work, I found an urn sitting on my hotel room table with a note, 'Until We Meet Again'. I thought, 'What could this be and who's it from?' I opened the urn and it appeared to be bath salts."

Never one to turn her nose up at the possibility of interesting new toiletries, La Fonda tipped them into her bath. Only when she came across fragments of bone in the murky water did she realise her mistake. This wasn't Radox, this was Roxy. Or to be more specific, what remained of Roxy, her departed dog.

"I took the bath anyway, and it felt good," said Jane, who presumably is made of sterner stuff than the rest of us, or is certainly not overly sentimental at bath time.

Still, they used to make soap from horses, didn't they? So perhaps it's not so strange after all.

Julia Molony

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