Tuesday 24 April 2018

First contact: the top texting tips

First text: Don't ask for a date straight away, build a rapport.

•"Did you finish ALL that tequila last night? I've woken up with a terrible hangover: your fault!"

•"Random, meeting you like that --don't think that's happened to me before. Do you always wind up meeting people in unusual ways?"

Connection building: They've written back but you're not sure yet.

•"Hey, how are you? I'm busy plotting my weekend to be a crazy one. Hope you're having some adventures this week too..."

•"Hope you're enjoying your Saturday night. I've just had the weirdest evening, which I'm going to tell you all about next week."

Go for the date: Time to ask them out. Be direct.

•"A few friends and I are heading out to XXXX on Friday; you and your crew are welcome too... as long as you promise to behave."

•"Let's do coffee Wednesday afternoon."

Teasing texts: Step up the banter.

•"I'm sure you are amazing at cooking. If amazing is suddenly a new word for terrible x"

•"After what I saw on XXXX night, I'm unconvinced you're a great dancer. You seemed unsteady!"

Ping texts: They've stopped responding -- don't despair! Reignite contact with a ping text.

•"I was just grabbing a round of XXXX, and it reminded me of meeting you AGES ago in XXXX."

•"Hey stranger, how the devil are you? Just had the oddest thing remind me of you..."

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