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Explainer: What is 'Tinder'?


Tinder is a smartphone application that combines social media with an online dating service.

Users sign up to the platform with their Facebook information (First name, age, interests, and up to five photos.)

When a user registers their account on the app, they input their requirements for a prospective match: i.e. age group and location.

The app will then present the user with relevant profiles (for example, Tom (25), 10 km away / Steve (22) 25 km away.)

Users can click through the person's photos, read their bio if they have opted to include one, and also see if they have mutual Facebook friends or interests in common.

For this reason, Tinder is often perceived as being safer than traditional dating websites as if you do have a mutual friend you can see this straight away.

The app works on a ‘swipe right’ or ‘swipe left’ basis:

If the person’s profile looks appealing, you can press the love heart emoticon or swipe to the right.

If you click ‘yes’ and the person has already come across your profile and swiped right, you will be notified that you have matched.

A person’s ‘matches’ are saved to the app, and you have the option to begin ‘chat’ which works on the same premise as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Tinder also recently began a photo sharing facility on the app.

Alternatively, you have the option to click the ‘X’ emoticon or ‘swipe left’ to a person, and they will no longer show up as you browse profiles.

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