Thursday 18 January 2018

Emails go viral after 'hot' former girlfriend is copied into exchange by mistake

Library Image. Photo: Getty Images
Library Image. Photo: Getty Images

Nick Collins

When Harry Fildes, a young surveyor, emailed a football mate saying it was all right to pursue his "hot" ex-girlfriend, he intended the forthright and very unflattering message for the friend’s eyes only.

And so it would have remained, except that Mr Fildes, a former public schoolboy, accidentally copied the young lady into the ungentlemanly exchange.

Now, not only has Jenni Palmer seen his expletive-laden description of her, so have thousands of workers in the City after the emails went viral.

As if that was not embarrassing enough for the captain of the Old Salopian Football Club first XI, Miss Palmer is still his housemate.

His bosses at property firm GL Hearn have taken a dim view of him using a work email for the exchange and confirmed they were looking into the matter.

As Mr Fildes surmised in one of the emails: “I am in so much ---- it’s unreal.”

The exchange began last Wednesday, after his friend bumped into Miss Palmer, a keen skier and marathon runner, during a night out.

Describing her as “a looker to say the least!!”, Sebastian Marsh inquired, in the course of an email about their next football fixture, as to whether he could “have a go”.

In reply, Mr Fildes described his ex in very derogatory terms and claimed that she had “messed” him around.

However, he added: “Feel free to pursue, yes, she is HOT!”

Mr Marsh responded: “She sounds brilliant … just the sort of thing I am looking for in the summer months. My defences are up and I am up for the challenge …” Mr Fildes then accidentally copied Miss Palmer into the conversation while passing on her email address.

Minutes later he realised his mistake and sent his friend frantic messages asking: “Can you recall emails?!”

He acknowledged that the debacle could spell the end of what friendship he had left with his housemate. “I still live with her and that’s why I am in so so so much trouble, we didn’t get on before so this will be the final nail in the coffin,” Mr Fildes wrote.

“I sent her a follow up email saying I don’t really think she is a ---- just trying to put you off her! Not very convincing.

----” Within days the messages had spread among City firms after Mr Marsh forwarded them to friends, who circulated them more widely.

Mr Marsh has been suspended by Miller Insurance, his employer, while an investigation is carried out.

Meanwhile, those sent the emails have been adding their own, ironic, comments. One female reader wrote: “I might drop Seb and Harry an email and have a crack – they sound like lovely guys!”

Mr Fildes, who grew up in Chester, but lives with Miss Palmer in Fulham, south-west London, is described on the website of the club for alumni of Shrewsbury School as “prolific on and off the pitch”. He was not responding to calls at work yesterday. A spokesman for GL Hearn said the company “upholds the highest levels of professional conduct at all times” and is “looking into this issue to see how we can prevent a future occurrence”. She added that Mr Fildes had “apologised unreservedly to all parties involved”.

There was no sign of Miss Palmer at the shared house yesterday.

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