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Do you consider kissing someone else as cheating? An alarming amount of people don't


Young woman spy on husband's phone

Young woman spy on husband's phone

Young woman spy on husband's phone

A kiss is just a kiss.

But for some it's the end of a relationship and others, it's a normal night out. A new study shows that an alarming amount of people don't consider kissing as cheating on their partner, meaning your other half could be kissing people all over town but still think he nothing to atone for when he gets home.

19% of men believe "passionately kissing" isn't considered being unfaithful, while  just 9% of women agree,

Relate and Relationships Scotland, which conducted he Way We Are Now research in order to shed some light on the motivation of a steadily increasing number of marriage breakdowns, found that there was a difference in how older and younger generations considered to be cheating.

Unsurprisingly, those aged 16 to 24 were the most possessive, with a whopping 45% saying they would consider flirting cheating and 31% across the board said they would break up with someone for flirty behaviour.

Even watching porn alone is considered cheating by some - 20% of women felt their partner looking at pornographic imagery was akin to being unfaithful.

Of the 5,000 people surveyed, two thirds of couples felt their relationship would not last after an affair, while psychological experts believe 93% of marriages could.

"When you can help people to grieve what they feel they have lost and then re-gain trust and make sense of what has happened, they have a good chance of having a stronger relationship than they had before the affair," said Barbara Honey, a counsellor with Relate.

"Counselling is very helpful because it 'gives permission' for the processes that need to happen before the pain can reduce and the relationship be restored.

"Often people who have had an affair want to brush it under the carpet and move on, not realising that grieving for the betrayed partner has to happen first."

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