Friday 15 December 2017

Dear Rosanna: He wants me to strip on the internet

The internet isn't safe or private even between two people
The internet isn't safe or private even between two people

MY BOYFRIEND is going to work abroad for a couple of months and is keen we have Skype sex to keep our relationship alive.

He’s making a list of all the things he wants me to do in front of my laptop and has gone through my underwear and picked out his favourite pieces.

He’s asked me to go shopping for new lingerie as soon as he goes as he’d love a surprise. I’ve been going along with this as I’m very keen on him and we’re together two years. But we had a practice run the other night and I realised that it wasn’t just him looking at me on screen, but me looking at him naked and aroused on my computer. I got such a shock I slammed my laptop shut. He isn’t impressed.

Rosanna replies:

WHILE your sex life is your business and nobody else's, it does certainly seem that your boyfriend is trying to make you do things that you aren't comfortable with. It's important in a relationship for both sides to be happy and consenting at all stages when it comes to bedroom antics, so it does concern me that he is taking control of an area that you are clearly uncomfortable with.

Remember, you can say no at any stage and if he is the type of man to leave you for not participating in his sexual cyber fantasies, then he really is not the right person for you. I would always have reservations about posting or filming any pictures or nudity online and Skype is no different.

I simply don't feel that the internet is safe or private even between two people, as recent Irish sex scandals have yet again confirmed. My advice is to say no to these online antics and to find a different and more secure way of keeping your relationship alive while he's away. It would be ideal if you could even pay him a visit during his trip, but if this isn't possible, then you must figure out another solution. Always go with what you feel happiest with.


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