Monday 20 November 2017

Compliments: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly . . .

We asked some well known guys and girls to tell us about their own experiences in the field of giving and receiving admiring remarks.

Jenny Huston (below)

2fm DJ

"Awful compliments? There have been so many! I am often told that I am 'different' to what people were expecting me to be, when they figure out that I am 'that girl from the radio'.

"My all-time favourite 'worst compliment' was from a guy in a pub in Waterford: 'Are you Jenny Huston? You look so different than what I was expecting -- I recognised your voice. I thought you would be fat!'"

Baz Ashmawy

Radio and TV presenter

"I'm an average looking man so I have always had to rely on quick wit or charm to get me by with girls. Handsome guys don't need that as they can just stand around and the mountain comes to them.

"Confident guys are great at giving compliments but they are usually not as genuine as those that come from someone who is a little less confident -- those tend to be 100 pc true.

"I've gotten some weird compliments myself. One woman said, 'OMG, you've got such a lovely big, big smile . . . and look at all those teeth in your head! Wow! Makes chewing easy, I suppose.'

"And probably the worst was, 'You smell soo nice for an Arab'."

Paddy McKenna

2fm presenter

"I'd have no problem at all giving compliments. But I think it's easier if the ladies are aware there isn't an ulterior motive!

"In Ireland, men approach the woman. It puts pressure on the boys to have some stellar chat-up lines stored away.

"I've only ever used a chat-up line once in my life, when I was 16. I told a girl her 'eyes were like prisms in sunlight'. She, quite sensibly, laughed in my face and ended up with my mate."

Irish Independent

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