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So what's really the key to a happy marriage? From newlyweds to veteran couples, Ireland's most loved-up couples reveal the secret to their success.

Bono, U2

Married 29 years

"Ali is an incredible person. I'm a 'wherever I lay my hat that's my home' kind of person, but she introduced me to the concept of home. I hold on to her very tightly but you have your ups and downs. This is not Mills and Boon territory."

Brendan Grace, Comedian

Married 38 years

"I met my wife Eileen 40 years ago and we've been married 38 of those. In my book Amuzing Grace, Eilo describes me as a sex symbol -- before adding, 'For women who no longer care!'. So I suppose that's the secret to our success -- having a sense of humour.

Jenny Buckley, TV Presenter

Married 5 years

"When it comes to marriage, my advice is to choose your fights carefully -- don't waste your energy on the little things that annoy you."

Keith Duffy, Actor

Married 13 years

"A marriage and a family is priceless. When I first started out in this business...it was never explained that if you do a glossy magazine cover with your family then you were inviting the press into your private lives. So I don't take two hundred grand or whatever to do a glossy magazine cover. The kind of things that get written about now can break up a marriage -- no money can pay for that."

Sinead Desmond, Ireland AM

Married 2 years

"My parents have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and are still as loved-up as ever. I remember asking them the secret to their success once, and I'll never forget my dad's answer: 'Marriage is 99pc hard work and 1pc luck'. Marriage is tough work. If anything is worth the workload though, it's being with the person you love."

Robert Dowds, Labour TD

Married 29 years

"A good marriage can rise to a challenge. In my case, my wife Katherine has to cope with a husband in politics who works long hours away from home.

"Two things have saved us -- keeping Sundays for ourselves and the advice of the married clergyman who prepared us for marriage, who told us to talk to each other for half an hour without distractions each week."

Derry Clarke, Chef

Married 24 years:

"Sallyanne and I will be married 25 years next year -- and I think it gets easier as the years go by. We've learned how to put up with each other.

"Every so often, I'll surprise Sallyanne with a weekend away somewhere and I'll have to come up with something good to celebrate our quarter-of-a-century anniversary!"

Berni Cafolla, business woman and model Married 22 years

"After 30 years together, my husband Lorenzo and I still go out on hot dates about once a month.

"We arrange to meet at a bar or restaurant in town and I'll get all dolled up for our flirtatious lunch -- before hopefully booking a hotel room!"

Terry Wogan, presenter

Married 46 years

"[My wife Helen and I] married in Ireland when there was no opportunity for divorce. Of course, through the years you have difficulties and problems, just like every couple, but it has simply never occurred to either of us that we should be with anyone else."

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