Wednesday 17 January 2018

Celebrity proposals

Tanya Sweeney

Brian O'Driscoll

"Did I spell out the words on the lawn with rose petals? It was more elaborate than that, but the rest I want to keep for myself because in a world where I don't have many secrets any more, there has to be something sacred."

Mary O'Rourke

"Enda asked me. We just assumed we'd get married, as we were so very mad about each other. There was no 'pop' moment. I think it was a question of saying, 'We better start making plans and telling our respective parents'. From the time we first met we knew there was no one else for either of us. In those days you waited until you were married to have an intimate relationship.

"It is okay for a woman to propose to a man? Why not?! After all, some guys are a bit shy and slow."

Michelle Heaton

"I [had] told Hugh he'd better not do it without a decent ring. I want a massive rock and no excuses." (Christmas 2009.)

Craig Doyle

"We were in Brazil, on an island north of Rio. It took me about a week to summon the courage to do it. Why? Because it's such a huge deal! We were seated at this little table, drinking Champagne. Thankfully she said yes, although we were the only ones on the island who spoke English so there wasn't anyone around to share it with.

"I'm quite traditional, so I like the idea of a man proposing. I know it's not very 'now' to say that, but we're blokes. We're very simple creatures. We need to face the enormity of these things head-on. It's terrifying, but it's good for us to think these things out. It's good for our sense of reality."

Sinead Desmond

"Davey asked, although I thwarted him every step of the way. We went to Australia for Christmas and took a seaplane to this gorgeous island and I was convinced he would propose. When he didn't I figured I was jumping ahead of myself as we'd only been together a year. I got all upset and was like 'What's going on here with us?' Turns out he was planning to propose but the ring he was making wasn't ready yet.

"Then one Friday after the show he took me to Belvedere House and I was tired and bitching all the way. He said he wanted to check the place for broadband, so we went walking around the estate. Next thing I look down and he's on bended knee. I was in abject shock, so I didn't say anything for five minutes. He had to say, 'Is that a yes then?'.

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