Tuesday 21 May 2019

Author Claudia Carroll 'given up' on finding love

Content: Claudia Carroll is feeling happy in her forties.
Content: Claudia Carroll is feeling happy in her forties.

Former Fair City actress turned best-selling author Claudia Carroll has revealed her search for love has been stalled.

Carroll said she has 'actually given up' on finding a man and would prefer to spend her time with friends and family, enjoying cups of tea and watching tv.

"I've actually given up," she said.

"I've dated some real sweethearts but nothing ever worked out and you just come to a moment in life when you think 'I'd rather watch a movie and have a cup of tea'. I know it's terribly but I go out a lot with my pals and life is very busy."

The 45-year-old starred on Fair City as Nicole for over 14 years before making the move into writing fiction and is now a best-selling author.

And her priorities remain with her career rather than planning a family.

"I don't have any kids of my own, I never had that maternal instinct," she added.

"But don't get me wrong, I have seven godchildren who I adore. I am a romantic and I do think that if you meet the right person that is the right person for you at whatever age, at whatever time in your life.

"It could happen when you're 70. I love hearing those stories about people who just find soul mates in the most unexpected ways."

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