Asking for a friend: ‘My boyfriend wants to have sex all the time. It feels like the only thing he’s interested in doing with me. What should I do?’

'Sex is supposed to be a mutually desired experience — this is not the case if you felt you had to say yes to avoid negative experiences.' Stock photo

Dr Caroline West

Sex isn’t usually a massive priority for me. I met a new guy, and I am mad about him, but I am a bit worried that our sex drives are different. We have been going out about four months now and usually see each other on the weekends, and maybe once a week. He wants to have sex most of the time, and when we are out in the pub, he makes lots of comments about getting back home and into bed with me. I didn’t mind it at the start but now it’s starting to bother me. I just don’t want sex as much as him, and I worry it will be an ongoing issue. I like him, but it’s started to feel like all he wants is sex and doesn’t want to do anything else with me. There was one time he started a row because I said I was tired after we had sex and he wanted to do it again. I did go ahead with his wants, but maybe I shouldn’t have. I’m not really sure what to think now and I started to make excuses not to see him, but I can’t do that all the time. What should I do?