Asking for a friend: ‘I’m happily married but my sex drive has vanished and I’m worried my husband will leave me. Can we reignite things?’

'I feel dead from the waist down'. Stock photo

Dr Caroline West

Q. My sex drive has completely disappeared. I don’t even feel frustrated about it if I’m being truthful. It just isn’t a thing I’m interested in right now. The problem is I’m married, and I worry about how my husband feels about me now. We have been married for six years and I love him to bits. He isn’t the issue at all, and he treats me really well. When we were having sex, it was great, and I had no complaints. I just don’t have any interest — it’s like I’m dead from the waist down. I don’t feel stressed or depressed and actually life is pretty good, so I can’t figure out why I feel like this. My husband isn’t putting pressure on me but I do worry that he will get fed up and it will be the end of our marriage. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about it, but still, I can’t break this block. What can I do to get things back on track?