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Are you guilty of kittenfishing, the marginally less horrifying online dating sister of catfishing?


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We've all watched MTV's Catfish and felt a little smug about the fact we would never create an entirely fictional online alter-ego and dupe another human being into a 'relationship' with an avatar.

Well, feel smug no more, because chances are you've been guilty of 'kittenfishing', or at least been on the receiving end.

It's a term coined by dating app Hinge and it means presenting yourself in an unrealistically positive way.

We all have slightly shinier, more filtered, happier versions of ourselves on social media so it's only natural we take this tendency and apply it to dating.

It might be a very flattering, older profile picture that portrays you at your physical peak, or an inch or two added (or subtracted) from your height, or saying you have a degree in something when you dropped out in your final year.

It's very difficult to tell if someone is kittenfishing.  A little kittenfishing is only natural.  Of course you want to be perceived in the best possible light, but when it is taken to the extreme it borders on catfishing.

Ultimately, it can backfire.  When you do eventually meet up with that guy who thinks you're 23 when you're actually two decades older or thinks you're Sharon circa 1999 as opposed to Present Day Sharon, his first reaction will probably be disappointment.

It's probably not the best start to a relationship, should one even get off the ground.

So, before you tinker with the truth, bear in mind that honesty is probably the best policy.  After all, don't we have enough to deal with when it comes to being ghosted or benched?

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