Thursday 22 March 2018

Advice: His snoring makes me want a single bed!

Fiona Caine

My husband and I are happily married but have one serious problem. Every night in winter I lie cold and awake while he snores away, warm and happy in the duvet we are supposed to share.

We went on holiday last winter to Denmark and although it was cold, I ended up having the best sleep of the whole winter.

By accident, we were given two single beds with a duvet each instead of a double.

I slept like a baby for the first time in ages and ever since then I've been suggesting to him that we get separate beds.

It has now become the source of a major row as he says sleeping apart is the rocky road to divorce.

All I want is a good night's sleep but how do I convince him I'm right?


You're not right and he's not wrong! For some people, single beds are a practical answer to an unsettled partner as well as creating a bit of a thrill of 'visiting' the other.

For others, it does cause a rift and feelings of isolation.

So much of married life is a compromise though, so what could you do?

Have you thought of buying a very large, super king-sized duvet so he'd have trouble stealing it all - or even ditching the double duvet for two single ones?

You can both snuggle up under your own covers and still reach out for a cuddle when you need one.

If you are thinking about investing in a new bed, another compromise would be two single beds that zip together or even a super king-sized bed.

Again, go for two duvets so you've each got your own covers.

I'm sure you can resolve this so that you can sleep and he can feel secure in your relationship.

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