Friday 23 March 2018

75% of women would pop the question

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

It’s official: the majority of Independent Woman readers would propose to their man.

We asked our website users one question; “It’s a leap year, do you think its ok for women to propose marriage?”

A substantial 75% agreed, confirming that an increasing number of women are not waiting around for their other half to pop the question.

Leap Year, which comes only once in four, has been known to inspire many a female to sink on bended knee. Some famous ‘leapers’ include Jennifer Hudson, Billie Piper, Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor.

“If you want to marry him, why not ask? Must a man do everything? Although if he has spent your entire relationship insisting that he despises the institution of marriage, you probably ought to pass on this one,” says Katy Guest, author of The Rules, Updated: A feminist guide to love in 2012.

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