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Wednesday 16 October 2019

10 Warning Signs that your marriage needs help

1 You find it difficult to talk without an argument starting up.

2 No real communication or in-depth conversations -- cocktail talk.

3 Adoption of a "married singles" lifestyle -- each doing your own thing.

4 You may be physically present with each other, but you are emotionally unavailable.

5 You are not interested in what the other says or does and vice versa.

6 Marriage is not prioritised -- everything else is put first. You do more on your own than as a couple.

7 You are disillusioned with the relationship and start questioning or lacking trust in it.

8 When you think of the other, you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and destructive feelings.

9 There is little enjoyment or fun together.

10 You become complacent about simple things, like your personal appearance, not concerned if you meet your partner/spouse in a sloppy old track suit.

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