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Sex & Relationships

October 2021

It’s easier to wonder ‘what if’ rather than know a harsh truth that hurts us, says Dr West

Talk with your partner and see if you can find intimacy that works for you, Dr West says

Remember that by reaching out for help, you are treating yourself with compassion and kindness

September 2021

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Stock Image

'Every couple, regardless of gender or sexuality, should discuss STI status with partners and get regular STI testing,' Dr West recommends

Our sexual fantasies can be informed by so much of our past, present and imaginary worlds

August 2021

What we see in Hollywood tells us that men and women have an orgasm at the exact same time, but that is not the case in reality Gallery

‘I’ve been with my partner since our teens but now we barely have sex and I’m not sure I love him anymore’

'I think I have a good attitude to sex but it’s just putting that into practice that I struggle with.'

July 2021

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Stock image Gallery

'Should I explore my past again? Or just wait and hope things improve with the amazing woman I fell in love with all those years ago?'

Constant togetherness during the pandemic has put many relationships under strain

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