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Paul Galvin on fatherhood: 'I've become more appreciative of the natural world as I see things through my daughter's eyes'

In honour of Father's Day, Paul Galvin discusses fatherhood, personal style and why it's important to listen to yourself


Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin

Paul Galvin

What is the quality you most want to embody as a father?


Did becoming a father change you?

I've become more appreciative of nature and the natural world as I now see things through my daughter's eyes.

What is the thing you most like about your own father?

He is always in good humour.

What is the first piece of clothing you remember owning?

A pair of New Balance trainers.

What are the five items of clothing you think every man should own?

A flat cap; a chambray shirt; a white T-shirt; a track top; a military coat.

Do you have a social-isolation/working-from-home uniform you find yourself falling back upon?

I haven't changed how I dress. I still leave the house and try to go about my day as normally as possible.

Have you ever struggled with your mental health?


What is one thing you do to maintain mental well-being?

I practice gratitude daily just to stay focused on what is important. Robust mental health is a happy by-product of this.

Has maintaining your mental health become more challenging and more important recently?

I have not found this to be the case but I know the isolation factor has put people under pressure, so I have made many phone and video calls to help people converse and feel connected. I also enjoy my wife's company, which helps.

How easily does it come to you to communicate if you are struggling with your mental health, and is this something that has become easier with age?

I am good at listening to myself. If you listen and communicate well with yourself first, it helps rationalise situations internally and communicate any problem-solving that might be needed. I am focused a lot on ideas, intuition and creativity, and I believe this also helps with stress management.

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