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Making Father's Day work for you


NutriBullet,€120, Brown Thomas

NutriBullet,€120, Brown Thomas

NutriBullet,€120, Brown Thomas

There's no reason why your Father's Day gift next Sunday should be ALL about him. We like to adopt a 'what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine' approach to presents.

Buy something you'll both use. If you haven't got on the NutriBullet bandwagon by now, its about time. If he didn't get his act together and neglected to gift it to you last Christmas, and you had to listen to all the girls boring on about how it changed their life, this is your chance to catch up.

As you've probably heard ad infinitum, the Nutribullet's shtick is that it breaks down everything, so there's none of the usual waste, and you get all of the goodness, including stems, seeds and skins. So you can enjoy making all sorts of healthy juices to aid the summer diet. Tell him the kids want to start a new tradition of smoothies with dad on Saturday mornings (thereby earning you a lie-in).

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