Monday 23 October 2017

Lounging in luxury

Pyjama top, €100; bralet, €50; pyjama bottoms, €75, all Love Stories
Pyjama top, €100; bralet, €50; pyjama bottoms, €75, all Love Stories
Liadan Hynes

Liadan Hynes

'It's not about being defined by what other people think is sexy, it's about being comfortable in your own skin," says Lingerie, Swimwear and Hosiery Group Buyer Roslyn Ellis, of this season's collection in the Brown Thomas Lingerie Rooms. It's an ethos that is exemplified in their shoot, which is as much about comfortable layering as it is the sexy side of scanties. "It's very much around loungewear. Relaxed, laid-back, but something really special," explains Roslyn.

This season, Brown Thomas has added a number of new brands to their lingerie department. The original queen of all body matters, Elle Macpherson, has recently launched her own company - Elle Macpherson Body.

"She's very much about empowering women," says Roslyn. "It's a lifestyle, and attitude. You're not being told, or being defined by what you should and shouldn't be wearing." The range features a lot of bodies and non-wire bralets. Influenced by the wider trend in fashion for that pared-back, 1990s look, the non-wire bralet is a big look for this season, says Roslyn. "Obviously it completely depends on your own shape," she explains. "And the key, I will always say, is it's whatever makes the best of your shape. What makes you feel good, and confident in yourself. But there is a trend towards the wire-free styles."

Dutch brand Love Stories is another new brand for this season. "It very much encapsulates the wire-free look, and it's very mix and match. You don't have to have an exact matching brief," she says.

It's also about thinking of luxurious underwear as something that slips seamlessly and comfortably into all aspects of your life, rather than something that is to be trotted out on a Friday night. "You come home, you slip into your wire-free bra; pop on your PJs. You wouldn't be embarrassed opening the door," Roslyn says.

The trend for underwear-on-show is still around, but it's less about the in-your-face push-up bra worn under a blazer. Now, it's a hint of lace under a sheer top, or a clean sports style under the most feminine of blouses. "Even some of the PJs, you could essentially wear out," says Roslyn.

La Perla, the most luxurious brand of them all, launches in the store in November.

"Women are a lot more educated now in terms of getting fitted correctly and wearing the right size," Roslyn reflects. In the Dublin store, the new lingerie department, which launched earlier this year, took space from the retail floor to create even more spacious fitting-room areas. All staff are fully trained in fitting, and consultations can begin by email or phone, before visiting the store.

"Girls get fitted earlier on. They realise what wearing the right size and shape can do for your natural shape," explains Rosyln. "It is quite empowering. Because you feel good about your natural shape, rather than comparing yourself to images on social media. It's nice to feel good in your own skin."

Photography by Eilish McCormack

Styling by Sinead Keenan

Words by Liadan Hynes

Fashion edited by Constance Harris

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