Sunday 17 November 2019

Life's Little Luxuries: The Smart Spring Dress

Dress, €240, Lennon Courtney, Kilkenny Shop, see
Dress, €240, Lennon Courtney, Kilkenny Shop, see

Spring is a time when most of the country gets a little giddy and generally starts phoning things in a bit. People start to see skipping Friday afternoons in the office as a reasonable side-effect of Friday lunch, and many of us get a bit lazy on the fashion front.

It's a tricky time; one false sartorial move on a seemingly sunny morning and just hours later, you're wearing white linen in a washout. As a nation, we quite understandably see investing in lighter clothes as a bit of a waste, resulting in a lot of our spring-summer wardrobes looking a bit, well, cheap. We counsel biting the bullet and investing in one grown-up, smart dress.  We love this Lennon-Courtney number,  left. The colour will work in sunshine or rain, and the length is perfect for boots  or sandals.

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