Saturday 7 December 2019

'If I'm lucky enough... I'll go down the donor route' - Cassie Stokes talks future baby plans

Xpose presenter Cassie Stokes
Xpose presenter Cassie Stokes

Xpose Cassie Stokes has spoken about her dreams to have a family.

The broadcaster split from her girlfriend of five years Kathleen Gauvin last year.

However, she hopes to find love again and start a family via a sperm donor.

"For me, if I am lucky enough to find a girl I'll go down the sperm donor route," she said.

"I'll find the girl and then I guess we will have to find a guy together or go to a clinic."

Cassie praised Rosanna Davison for being so open about her fertility journey.

Last month, Rosanna announced that she and her husband Wesley Quirke are expecting a daughter via surrogacy.

"Now this generation are more open about everything, there are things we talk about now that you'd never have talked about before," she told the Irish Mirror.

"When I'm in work I tell people I have my period, so they know I'll be a bit grumpier. I think Rosanna did an incredible thing and opened up a topic of conversation which is massive. The stats are huge when it comes to fertility issues."

Rosanna revealed she had suffered a number of miscarriages and had undergone multiple treatments and surgery in the hopes of carrying her own child.

"We wanted to share our journey and let couples know not to give up. It's a long, tough journey, but one that has worked out great for us.

"I'd be delighted if our story has given people hope, that's our main goal.

"There's been a huge outpouring of support via private messages and comments on social media, from people who went on or are going through similar journeys."

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