Friday 15 November 2019

Get the look: Thalia Heffernan

Model Thalia Heffernan. Photo: VIP
Model Thalia Heffernan. Photo: VIP
€78, Adidas, Office
€12.99, Parfois
€17.99, New Look
€235, Vince, Brown Thomas
€390, Saint Laurent, Brown Thomas
€420, Alexander McQueen, Brown Thomas
€17.99, New Look
€235, Vince, Brown Thomas
€895, Louis Vuitton, Brown Thomas
€78, adidas, JD Sports
€55, Dr Denim, Brown Thomas
€55, Dr Denim, Brown Thomas
€221, Michael Kors, Harvey Nichols
€159, Ray-Ban, Brown Thomas

We understand that gym gear is comfortable for the school run and those 'getting things done' mornings. But acres of Lycra-clad flesh is just off-putting.

This ensemble worn by top model Thalia Heffernan is the perfect happy medium between being in your workout gear, and being properly dressed. To do this look, any exercise clothing should be all black, or grey - avoid neon. Then layer that with a simple hoodie, and a semi-fashiony jacket; in Thalia's case, a bomber. Fairly timeless accessories work well - Thalia has chosen a power tote by Louis Vuitton and classic adidas superstar trainers.


Dear Stylemma,

I loved Alexa Chung's navy jumpsuit at the Topshop Unique show during London Fashion Week. I would love something similar.

Reply: Alexa's navy jumpsuit was from the Topshop Unique spring/summer 2016 range, so it's not available until next year. Hers had a tailored feel; the folded-back collar and long belt are details taken from a classic mac. The whole effect was elegantly utilitarian. Topshop currently has something very similar - a tapered jumpsuit, in black, with the same belt detail as Alexa's, but a high neck, €80. We've tried it on; it's incredibly flattering and comfortable. Whistles has something along the same lines in black, with a cowl neck, €255. And Warehouse has a navy jumpsuit which is similar, albeit sleeveless, for €75.

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