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Saturday 14 December 2019

Work it out

It may be time to revisit those January resolutions, says Sarah Caden, and these products will ensure you look your best

Sarah Caden

If the new-you resolutions of January are only a distant and painful memory, then now is the time to redeem yourself. Right about now, to my mind, is the ideal time to overhaul your exercise regime. The New Year is the worst time for deciding to get fit, partly because, in January, there's nothing on the horizon to look forward to.

Now is exactly the right moment to take yourself in hand – when you are starting to think about summer holidays, and how you will look in the sun and skimpy clothes. But, before turning your mind to coral colours and bronzed limbs, check out five favourite products for ensuring you look good during, and after, your workout.

There are days, after all, when it will feel like torture, but knowing you don't look like you're being tortured is always reassuring. These products will help you to avoid the red-raw face of the outdoors runner and the badly blow-dried hair of the time-starved gym attendee.

We've also included a tinted lip balm for a hint of colour, but it won't have anyone whispering, "Cheat" if you take a no-make-up selfie.


Kiehl's Skin Rescuer, €35, 35 Wicklow St, D2; Dundrum Town Centre, D16; Arnotts

If you like to exercise outdoors, this moisturiser is worth trying. With mannose, to retain moisture, and rosa gallica, for its clarifying and antiseptic properties, it claims to help your skin to resist redness and roughness. It also makes a nice barrier cream, but take note that it has no SPF. "I wear this for walking the kids to school and then walking the dog along the seafront," said a panellist. "I no longer look ravaged when I get back home."


Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Abbey Rose, €20, Avoca shops nationwide

Outdoors or indoors, you don't want to look fully made-up when you're exercising, but you don't want to look actively bad, either. This is where a hint of a tint on the lips comes in, and preferably one that works to combat the dried-out pout that comes with all that puffing and panting. "This is one of those your-lips-but-better colours, which is ideal, as you don't look like a try-hard at your workout," said a panellist.

Best Hair in a Hurry

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender, €19.90, salons nationwide, for stockists, tel: (01) 604-5935

You don't necessarily want to wash your hair before you exercise, but you don't want to arrive at the gym looking like a scarecrow, either, so treat yourself to a spritz of this – a kind of dry shampoo that absorbs oil and revives hair that's on the brink of needing a wash. "Nice for re-establishing body, and it smells lovely, too," said a panellist. "It's great for a day when I know I'll get to the gym later."


Q: Radiance The Fine Fragrance Body Spray, €2.79, larger Boots

A decent deodorant is a must for anyone who exercises enthusiastically – however, one whose scent doesn't do battle with your perfume of preference might not be top of your shopping list. But, then again, maybe it is and, if so, try this, with its scent to compliment the women's perfume Dior J'Adore and the men's fragrance Calvin Klein Euphoria Men, among others. "OK, it's a bit gimmicky," one panellist said, "but it's a bit nice, too."


Kevin.Murphy Smoothing.Jetpak, €21.99, for stockists, tel: (021) 427-9458, or see

The square bottles are a novelty, but what's inside is really good stuff from this well-regarded Australian brand. This set of mini sizes is a great introduction to the range, comprising shampoo, conditioner, treatment and a styling product. Available in sets to suit dry, thick or fine hair types. "Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner are easy to come by," said one panellist, "but styling stuff and hair masks can be more elusive. A good find."


Pictured, from left: Kiehl's Skin Rescuer; Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Abbey Rose; Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender; Q: Radiance The Fine Fragrance Body Spray; Kevin.Murphy Smoothing.Jetpak


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