Friday 22 November 2019

Who would pay €50,000 for a backpack?

Lady Gaga has purchased a €50,000 backpack by The Row for her boyfriend.
Lady Gaga has purchased a €50,000 backpack by The Row for her boyfriend.
The Damien Hirst/The Row collaboration

Bibby Sowray

Why, Lady Gaga of course.

When we first heard about the eye-watering price tag attached to a range of luxury rucksacks created by Damien Hirst and the Olsen sisters' label The Row, our first and only question was 'who on earth would pay $55,000 for a rucksack?'

The singer splashed the cash (approx £37,000) on one of the pricey bags as a birthday gift for her beau, actor Taylor Kinney. The exclusive collection is sold at US boutique Just One Eye, and the range is formed of 12 black Nile crocodile backpacks in a signature The Row style, each with a different Hirst design - either his iconic dots or pills.

Apparently Kinney takes his birthday "very seriously" and "loves his backpacks" so the gift seemed like the perfect choice for cash-heavy Gaga to purchase in anticipation for his July 15 celebrations. Sadly news outlets around the world have now spoiled the surprise. Ooops, soz Taylor.

Gaga has previously splashed her well-researched cash (£85,250 to be precise) on an Alexander McQueen gown owned by Daphne Guinness and snapped up 55 Michael Jackson costumes at auction.

Oddly, Kinney, who currently features in US series Chicago Fire , is said to hate "fast cars, big houses or smart suits", so we're not entirely sure why Gaga thought he wouldn't hate a ridiculously-overpriced glorified rucksack.

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