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Where can I find some affordable workout gear?


Aerobic jacket,
€12, Penneys

Aerobic jacket, €12, Penneys

Shock absorber
run bra, €40.50,
Arnotts, Clerys

Shock absorber run bra, €40.50, Arnotts, Clerys

running pants,
€17.75, Forever
21, Jervis Street

Cropped running pants, €17.75, Forever 21, Jervis Street


Aerobic jacket, €12, Penneys

Q My New Year's resolution is to get fit and train for the Mini Marathon but workout wear seems to be so pricey! Are there affordable workout wear options?

A Penneys has launched a workout wear collection available in coral and black or black and blue, the range includes, shorts, 3/4-length running pants, full-length running pants and running jackets ranging from €5 to €12 .

Forever 21 in the Jervis Street Shopping Centre also has an extensive selection of colourful workout wear for great prices, €9.75 for cropped aerobic tops and €17 for hoodies and workout pants. The workout wear is housed at the back of the top floor.

Finally, I would strongly advise you not to scrimp on a sports bra.

Wearing something without support can cause back ache and discomfort, slowing you down and ruining your workout.

The Shock Absorber, Sports bra €40.50, from Arnotts, Clerys, Champion Sports and Elverys, is amazing! Although it's not cheap it doubles as a bra and sports top so it's a two for the price of one piece of kit!'

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