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What She Wears: Scarves

Dsquared2: A sweater pinned at the neck serves as a chunky scarf
Dsquared2: A sweater pinned at the neck serves as a chunky scarf

AnnMarie Proudfoot

If there is one thing in your wardrobe that you cannot have too much of, besides underwear, it is the scarf. I’ve become so dependent on these outfit-enhancing accessories that it’s almost hard to imagine getting ready without one.

Whether wearing it for style, warmth or religion, the scarf tends to be an essential in many wardrobes. They are a great way to be more daring with patterns and colours and they make us feel cozy and reassure us when we’re worried our outfits are bland.

With such an array of fabrics, colour and textures to choose from, and lots of ways to wear them, you just can’t be without one! Prada has even gone a step further to ensuring you always have one by your side by adding a keyring.

Ways to wear a scarf

Just remember if you are wearing a patterned top, opt for a plain colour. Alternatively a patterned scarf jazzes up a plain outfit.

Ikea have a scarf holder that you can hang in your wardrobe and its a great way to store and view your scarf collection.

Alternative ways to wear a scarf:

• With a long scarf wrap around your neck twice and then add a skinny belt over it around your waist. It can be worn with a top and skirt or over your mac.

• Wrap two scarves together, maybe a plain and patterned. This is a great option with a plain T-shirt and skinny jeans.

• Wear it as a hair band with the long tied end hanging over one shoulder or a square shaped scarf as an overall headscarf.

• A thin scarf can be folded lengthways and worn as a belt with jeans or as a waisted belt to break up a black top and skirt.

• A silk square scarf can be worn like a tie with a dropped knot.

• If you want to be a bit more experimental, a large square scarf can be worn as a halter top in the summer.

• Tied on to your bag to add a little colour or pattern. It can be any fabric you like but silk scarves usually work best because they are light.

• The must-have snood is great for keeping you cosy and having the practicality of a hood. You can also create your own snood by sewing together the end of a regular scarf.

Right now, you’re probably getting a little sick of your staple winter scarf, so it’s great to see some spring versions in the shops instead. Some of my favourites include a silk floral scarf from Awear (€10), a tie dye snood from ASOS , (€22.74) and the Alexander McQueen Skull scarf (€180). Each scarf is lovely to the touch, lightweight and hardworking. In other words, they’ll add that crucial finishing touch to your favourite casual outfit.

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