Wednesday 13 December 2017

What not to wear in the sunny weather

The glorious sunshine casts a merciless glow, so make sure that you don't let your fashion sense go on holidays

Liz Hurley's beloved white trousers are the perfect way to keep (and look) cool this weekend.
Deirdre Reynolds

Deirdre Reynolds

Summer is officially here – and we plan to make the most of all 10 days of it. As the country basks in heat of almost 30 degrees, Met Éireann is expected to issue an Orange Alert for the first time ever this weekend.

Sadly, the rising mercury has also seen the rise of very unfortunate fashion trends here.

J-Lo wearing bug-eyed shades
J-Lo wearing bug-eyed shades

"Irish people are not used to dressing for the heat," says stylist Nicole Spain of Flutterby Fashion Styling, "so the second the sun comes out, we tend to take everything off.

"I've seen some terrible trends already, including a young girl wearing a cut-out swimsuit with hot pants.

Socks and sandals, forever uncool
Socks and sandals, forever uncool

"No-one needs to see what you had for breakfast," she adds. "A light maxi dress will keep you just as cool, and looks great.

"But whatever else you wear this weekend, don't forget the SPF!"

Here, we expose some of the worst summer fashion faux pas.

* There's a word for shorts that don't quite cover your butt: knickers. The short-shorts trend has been, ahem, rearing its ugly head in clubs across the country for some time now. And as the mercury rises, some girls here seem determined to give their trousers a holiday while out and about too.

Mid-length shorts with an inseam of around eight-inches are the most universally flattering. If you're going to do the whole Daisy Duke thing though, at least make sure your lady bits are under wraps.

* As a woman, going topless can get you arrested in this country. As a man, as soon as it hits 18 degrees, whipping your shirt off seems to be practically mandatory. Ordinarily, we wouldn't complain about this seasonal surge in topless lads. Given that the perpetrators frequently look better with their clothes on however, we're going to have to contradict Coco Chanel on this one – sometimes less is not more. It's hot, but it's not that hot.

* While we're at it, crop tops aren't much better. If you're anything like us, you'll have spent all year trying to hide your muffin top, not show it off. So the soaring temperature is no excuse to suddenly throw caution to the wind. Rihanna may look ab fab in hers – but if the only six-pack you'll see this weekend is in the cooler section, steer well clear. Even Ri-Ri generally keeps it classy with high-waisted bottoms.

* Just because Marc Jacobs sent his male models down the runway in socks and sandals recently, doesn't make it okay. Distressingly, even fashionistas Sarah Jessica Parker and Chloe Sevigny have been getting in on the act. But this is one fashion 'do' that will always be a 'don't' in our book. Wearing socks with sandals in summer is a bit like wearing a thermal vest with a thong in winter. Not only does it not make any sense whatsoever, it's downright fugly. Now let's stamp it out for good.

* On the subject of footwear, allow us to point out that flip-flops are not. No more than (shudder) Crocs, swimming pool sandals are not designed to be worn on the street.

With so many fashionable summer sandals currently on sale, we just can't let this one slide. Not only do flip-flops expose unsightly hooves, all that flapping around can actually cause blisters and bunions too. In some countries, flip-flops are known as 'go-aheads'. In Ireland, don't.

* In this weather, sunglasses aren't just a fashion accessory, they're a must. Just like J Lo though, some Irish women are precariously close to being swallowed whole by their sunnies. Oversized sunglasses are here to stay this summer (no) thanks to designers such as Dolce & Gabbana. But when you start to look like you're auditioning for The Fly remake, it's time to reassess your sunglasses-to-face ratio. Finally, remember the immortal words of Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David: "You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and a**holes."

* As the temperature tops 30 degrees tomorrow, you'd have to be insane not to wear a sleeveless top. Now we understand that after months in armour, most of you won't have biceps to rival Michelle Obama. But for pity's sake people, sort out the farmer's tan.

Fake bake, exfoliate, stand behind a muck spreader if you have to get both bits of your arm the same colour. And let the invisible T-shirt look be a lesson to you – SPF should be worn year-round.

One trend we do like. . . 

White pants in July? Yes,  please! Visible Panty Line? Not  so much. Liz Hurley's beloved  white trousers are the perfect  way to keep (and look) cool this  weekend. Just don't make the  amateur error of wearing your  pink polka dot knickers  underneath. Searing sunshine  combined with gauzy white  means only nudes will do.

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