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What a tweeze

There Will and I were, in bed, having a little lovey-dovey time when Will said, "Oh, look, an eyelash has fallen on to your chin."

Traditionally, we blow away eyelashes and make wishes, so Will tried to do this, but the, em, eyelash was attached . . . to me.

"Eh – that's no eyelash, Hairy Mary!" he exclaimed.

Yes, LIFE readers, I'm sorry to report that I'm growing a beard!

One of the 'joys' of getting older.

Will then pretended to hang like a monkey from the chin hair because it was so long and strong, and he made monkey noises at me!

So, I decided to invest in this Mister Mascara Tweezer Girl Tweezers, Mini Mai, right, which costs €11.35 and is available from www.feelunique.com.

It has this ingenious suction holder, so you can stick it to the bathroom mirror in anticipation of those unexpected hairy moments.

Now help will always be at hand.

I might even go after Will with the tweezer – the cheeky little monkey!


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