Tuesday 23 January 2018

We put Lidl's new fitness range through its paces - did it pass the test?

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

If the thoughts of burning off those pudding pounds in the New Year are already giving you palpitations, the latest fitness range from Lidl could soften the blow of the January sweats.

With items of gym clothing retailing for under €5 and fluorescent colours that will keep you lit on the dark winter mornings, we decided a review of the cost-effective collection was worth a whirl.

In my very optimistic health kick pre-Christmas gluttony, I signed myself up to a month's worth of TRX and made a pact with myself that pounding the pavements for the odd half hour and lifting a dumbbell watching the TV would balance out with my five Christmas parties

But what better way to put the 2016 Crivit collection to the test?!

The Sports Bra

Not the most well-endowed of all the female persuasion, I usually don't have to fork out too much when it comes to covering the mammaries. Nonetheless, when it comes to training, I always make sure that what is there - however meagre - is safe and secure. Taking a stroll on Bull Island and hanging off the suspension belt in Fairview, I was impressed by how comfortable the bra was. Not to mention it's not ugly and it fits snugly under a tight sports top.

However, when I stepped the pace up a notch for some cardio, I didn't feel quite as secure as I would prefer. Those with a larger pair might be better off sticking with something with a little more support. At just €7.99 though it's worth a purchase for that bit of light exercise of an evening.

The Fitness Top

I'm usually a more muted fitness rabbit than a glow-in-the-dark gym bunny but I was pleasantly surprised at how bringing a pop of colour could make me feel like jumping around. I wore a size 8-10 and it was very flattering even though I thought the tight fit would make me look (and feel) like a hippo. Unbelievably comfortable too - so from as little as €5.99 I'll definitely be picking up a few more next month to inspire my inner skinny to emerge.

The Trousers

The Crivit collection offers several types of sports pants that range from €7.99 - €12.99, a positive bargain when it comes to tight fitting stretch pants for training. The cropped cotton trousers are soft and comfy - but to be honest I would only use them as slouch, lounging pants as, while the material feels great, the fit tends to sag and the colour quality isn't the best. The longer lycra trousers are much more suited for the more active of you all out there. And there are some particularly bold prints for the brave who wish to stand out from the crowd. They don't leave Too much to the imagination though - and a certain amount of sagging can occur when the body temperature rises. Not an attractive look!

The Sweatshirt

Post-work-out layering at its best, these babies offer colours that pop with material you melt into. My definite favourite clothing of the range. Even if you do like the more subdued colours for the main training outfit, a nice bright pullover really makes your red sweaty face look a hell of a lot better. However, there is a slight danger you might fall asleep in your own sweat on the couch afterwards...

The Equipment

If the sweatshirt claims the top spot in the clothing side of things (followed closely by the fitness top) then the water bottle really does it for me accessory-wise. With an in-built filter that lasts two months or 30 refills, the pull-top vessel is a must-have for the gym bag. It also looks very pretty. Dumbells, kettlebells, hula hoops and exercise bands are all top quality and part of the additional home-use equipment Crivit has to offer.


Our Verdict: Well worth it for the money but perhaps not for the Ironmen and women among us.

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