Saturday 14 December 2019

Triona's most wanted

triona's most wanted

Triona McCarthy

I popped along to the Dawson Spa, formerly known as the Mandala Spa, recently, to give my skin a bit of a boost and get it glowing like actress Rachel Weisz, left.

Natalie, my therapist, suggested that I try their new detoxifying, Illuminating Facial Treatment, €80, from the world-renowned Irish brand skin-care Voya.

It started with a foot cleanse and facial cleanse, followed by a pressure-point massage – which really relaxed me.

Growing up by the sea in Schull, in west Cork, I spent my life trying to swim away from seaweed.

However, during this facial, I had some applied to my face during the mask to allow my pores to open and soak up the certified organic goodness.

The treatment works with Voya's Get Glowing facial mask, which is packed full of marine antioxidants, minerals and skin-loving botanicals.

A pressure-point facial massage followed, which targets deeper muscles in the face to release any build-up of toxins, and improve the radiance of skin, and restore a glowing complexion.

It sent me into a deep state of relaxation.

It finished with Natalie giving my arms and legs a deep stretch and, needless to say, my skin looked and felt amazing.

To book a treatment, tel: (01) 671-7099, or see

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